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Cheap mobile home

I am posting this for a friend of mine with Asperger's Syndrome (a form of autism) who has recently moved, and now has a mobile home in North Highlands that needs to be sold before the end of the month; since he's on disability, he can't afford to pay another month's rent on the mobile he's moved out of and is already in a small amount of debt, so he needs the proceeds from the sale to make things right.  His condition makes things like this extra difficult for him.  He's asked me to help him find potential buyers, and hopes this will be forwarded to them...  

Here is what he wrote to me... "I've asked a very fair price; the universal comment has been, 'Oh, this isn't as bad as I'd expected from what you described'."  

He's very honest individual, sometimes too honest.  :) 

Here's the text from one of the  ads and a couple links:
If you are interested or know someone who might be, use these links: 

Or you can post here with contact info and I'll let him to know to contact you.




$4000 2BR 1BA singlewide fixer-upper mobilehome

Older Paramount singlewide mobilehome, fixer-upper, with two bedrooms and one bath. Has huge fenced yard with huge shade tree, pear tree, space for garden if desired, enclosed patio greenhouse, and storage shed. Kitchen has dishwasher and built-in oven (no range, because of dishwasher); bathroom is home to a small washer-dryer. Lots of built-in cabinets in kitchen, bathroom, and even master bedroom; walk-in closets in both bedrooms. Downsides: roof has leaks, probably should be replaced, some rot has occurred, old swamp cooler needs to come off roof, home has settled poorly, active cooling for summer is an issue. Needs painting inside, esp. cabinetry; bathtub area needs some finishing. Carpet needs replacing, has some wear and stains (area rugs included though). I may include a 10000 BTU room A/C; furnace works but blower is noisy (to me). Enclosed patio needs more work if it needs to stay dry during rain.

So, it's not an immaculate demo home, but I've priced it accordingly, and it's livable until you can invest to fix it up. A pro could probably have most of the obvious work done and have it ready to be rented in a week, if you only want it for the investment. The fenced yard may be a plus if you have dogs, since the park seems to be quite liberal in practice about pets. I will prefer a cash sale, but might consider a lease-to-own arrangement. Space rent is currently $533, but may increase due to the transfer.



Anything you can do to help him find a buyer for would be appreciated.

$4000 -- you can't beat the price!



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