Steph (frellingbored) wrote in nor_cal,

FOR SALE: '95 Saturn SL2

I'm selling my 1995 Saturn SL2 four door sedan. It has a salvage title so I'm selling it cheap.

Though it has a salvage title, it didn't suffer any engine damage and the body has been repaired and is now aligned and fine. It has a lot of paint damage and it has a dirty but solid (no rips) interior, but it works. It does need some work.

All lights work and it passed smog recently.

Runs but needs potentially expensive work due to coolant leakage and damage due to hotwiring (theft attempt). It still drives, but currently it needs coolant refills every couple days or so to drive without risking overheating.

If you are mechanically inclined, you can fix it up and make it run perfectly, but it’s not worth the trouble and expense to me.

Great for mechanics looking for used Saturn parts or as a fixer-upper.

Has had a lot of professional work done to keep it running in the last couple years and even the last couple months, so it has many new and newer parts. I have receipts for much of it, including the current recommendation of the work it needs from my mechanic.

Has many salvageable parts: lights, light covers, tires (fairly new), seats, cassette player/radio, seats, dashboard, termostats, engine parts, etc. etc. etc.

Come take a look at it and make me an offer! I’ll be happy to get $1000 for it.  OBO.

Contact Stephanie at 530-417-3365 or 

(I live in Sacramento.)
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