Gayle Madwin (queerbychoice) wrote in nor_cal,
Gayle Madwin

NorCal Local Wikis

I just want to bring attention to the local wikis of northern California, because I've been participating in one of them and finding it to be great fun. There is a nonprofit, member-supported organization called that will host local wikis for any city, so if you don't find your city on the list below of local wikis that have already been created, you can create your own local wiki for your city, for free.

Alameda: Alameda Wiki
Albany: Albany Wiki
Berkeley: Berkeley Wiki
Chico Wiki: Chico Wiki
Davis Wiki: Davis Wiki
East Palo Alto: East Palo Alto Wiki
Lafayette, Moraga, and Orinda: LaMorinda Wiki
Lincoln: Lincoln Wiki
Los Gatos: Los Gatos Wiki
Merced: Merced Wiki
Napa: Napa Wiki
Rancho Cordova: Rancho Cordova Wiki
Redding: Redding Wiki
Sacramento: Sac Wiki
San Francisco: SF Wiki
San Jose: San Jose Wiki
Santa Cruz: Santa Cruz Wiki
South Lake Tahoe: South Lake Tahoe Wiki
Walnut Creek: Walnut Creek Wiki
West Sacramento: West Sac Wiki
Winters: Winters Wiki
Woodland: Woodland Wiki
Vacaville: Vacaville Wiki
Vallejo: Vallejo Wiki
Yuba-Sutter area: Yuba-Sutter Wiki
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